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3 Nov 2016

Calder car rentals

Calder Car Rentals has been a leader of car rental in Dubai over a considerable period of time. We offer any car for rent in Dubai at affordable prices.We guarantee excellent service and comfortable ride. Dubai is attractive for tourists as it takes so much pleasure to rest and take care of your business here. Thousands of people arrive to the city to spend an unforgettable vacation or establish business contacts. This metropolis lives its own life and you are sure to require a vehicle to move around the streets. We have no doubts that our car rental service will be the best option. You don’t have to spend money on taxi or use public transport. Rent a car according to your status to make your ride as comfortable as possible. The basic principle of the Calder Car Rental dubai service is the individual approach to every client. We will select a car that will meet all your requirements and needs. No other cheap car rental service in Dubai can offer you such a variety of cars: from golf class to luxury models. You can freely move around the city and its suburbs and enjoy places of attraction. Car rental is especially convenient for people who are travelling with their children. And you will feel more comfortable during your business trip when you have your personal car near at hand. If required, our experienced drivers can take you to any place of the city and you will never be late for an important meeting. Our Dubai car rental service provides some obvious benefits:

  • wide choice of cars;
  • excellent service;
  • obligatory insurance;
  • affordable prices.
Advantages of Car Rental for Business Special offer for small business – long-term car rental. You don’t have to buy vehicles for your employees, because car rental in Dubai is really reasonable. We provide full maintenance service and you save a considerable part of your budget.
Comfort is above all
You can rent a car end enjoy freedom of traveling. You can order a car in advance or right on the spot. Select a car in our catalogue available on our website and we will deliver it at the required address within specified time. Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. We equip all our cars with GPS devices to make your trips easy and comfortable. Enter the required address and you will quickly reach the destination without any obstacles. A lot of people come to Dubai with their kids, so we can equip your car with a baby seat. Your kid will feel comfortable and cheerful wherever you go. Obligatory medical insurance for each client is another benefit of our car hire in Dubai. We take care of your comfort and select a car that meets your demands and financial ability. If you are looking for cheap car rentals in Dubai without compromising quality, you are at the right place.