New year’s eve 2016 is already here and here are some tips and advises from Calder Car Rentals Dubai
tips for car driving during new year dubai

New year party in dubai, tips about driving during these times

We would like to wish every one a happy new year and hope that 2017 brings the best of luck to everyone.

As such we would like to give some tips and advices to our new clients driving in Dubai and UAE

  • UAE and Dubai have strict drink driving policies. Zero tolerance is applied , so even one sip of alcoholic drinks will land you in trouble should you be caught driving under the influence. If you need to drink then take a taxi or the public transport. We can also recommend a chauffeur service for you . Please contact Ranjit on or 0555587276.
  • If you are driving on new years eve to watch the fireworks, you will need to make you way very early to downtown or the palm as these areas pack up very quickly. Factor in the fact also that exiting after midnight will be delayed massively.
  • This is the period where people are merry and not very attentionate to traffic around them, so additional defensive driving is advisable.
  • Finally delays in traffic will most likely frustrate a lot of people , so have patience , a deep breath and rejoice in the fact that 2016 is over and hopfully 2017 brings happiness to everyone.

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  • Car Maintenance28 December, 2016 - Reply

    Very helpful tips !

    AutoRent Car Service Center, Dubai

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