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New rules on Car Passengers

Dubai Police has recently amended the rules for passengers in cars.

1/ Children under 10 or below 1.45 meters are not allowed to sit in the front
2/ All passengers sitting in the rear seats need to fasten their seat belts
3/ Children should use appropriate bolster seats and restraints

This is in inline with the government vison to make Dubai roads a safer place for all ages.
We all have seen so many times careless parents allowing children to freely roam around the car while its moving.
In fact the minute someone sits in a vehicle the seat belt should be buckled , this is a matter of principle and safety.

The government have announced that the fines will be between 400 dhs to 10000 dhs and 24 black points for breaking the rule.

So we urge all our customers and everyone else to please respect the rule and buckle up

From your caring Car hire provider

Calder Car rentals


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