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Types of insurance covers in Car Rental agreements

During our last 11 years of operation we have often come across a lot of our clients who are confused about the different types of insurance covers that is provided in the market by us and by some of the other car rental companies in UAE.


1 – Fully Comprehensive Insurance


This is the normal cover which most car rental companies provide. It covers the vehicle in case of an accident with an excess applicable only if the renter is at fault or if its a hit and run. A hit an run is basically any case whereby the car has been damaged without the details of the third party who caused the damage. At Calder Car Rentals our excess charge is 1500 dhs if the car is repairable or if the car is total loss then a 5500 dhs excess applies, this difference is due to the fact that the insurance company apply a massive discount on the vehicle value for a total loss payout. Of course if the accident is not the renter’s fault then there is nothing to pay.


2- CDW – Collision Damage Waiver


CDW is an extra cover on top of the usual fully comprehensive cover that basically covers all the excess amt in case of an accident where the renter is at fault or a hit and run. This also covers all scratch , dents and so on. At Calder Car rentals we charge from 250 to 350 DHS per month for this cover. Unfortunately our CDW is only provided on a monthly basis so even if its a 1 day contract the CDW is still 250-350 dhs, but our CDW covers everything even windscreen and rims. An important fact is that for any insurance to apply a police report is mandatory else all insurance is void.


3- Super CDW


Super CDW is another cover on top of the CDW that other Car rentals companies are offering. This is to cover windscreen damage , tyres , rims and so on. At Calder Car rentals we don’t have this extra cover because our CDW covers everything. We don’t need to complicate things or c harge extra.




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  • Sam31 January, 2017 - Reply

    Thanks Calder for the information,this is really helpfull and i believe clients of rental companies need to fully know and understand that CDW is very important because of road unpredictabilities, if you as the drive dont have the CDW cover and you get an accident and you are at fault or you are involved in a hit and run,then you will pay to the rental company insurance excess….guys you better take CDW,Happy Driving.

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